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2012 — The year in review

Posted by Andrew 10 December 2012

What’s been most significant for you over this last year?

Scanning through some of what’s been of the last year we’ve seen: Facebook IPO. London Olympic Games. Obama was re-elected for a second term as US president. And the passing of some significant people like: Bryce Courtney, Stephen Covey and Zig Ziglar.

And whilst there has been constriction in some sectors… Like locally, ANZ cut 1000 jobs earlier in the year. The Victoria Public Service had the “razor gang” that rationalised the workforce with over 4000 jobs going. But this pales into insignificance if you take a global view and notice that apart from Cisco systems, Citigroup and KraftFoods all cutting over 1000 jobs, the prize goes to HP who laid off over 27,000 people world-wide! (Read more here)

There have been some significant opportunities emerging.  China is one – you might have heard of the whitepaper “Australia in the Asian Century”…  Another is the education sector.  The internet has created what some are saying is the next revolution…  Mass Online Open Curriculum…  If you haven’t already seen Coursera – go and check it out here… Coursera is an online platform that many (high profile) universities around the world have been joining to make their courses available online for FREE…  Read more about how this is just one of a number of Global Business Model Tsunami’s hitting the worlds shores.

The most significant events of the year for me were:

  1. Creating 2 online coaching websites and get those up and running… Open Space Technology Coaching… and Practical Social Network Analysis….
  2. Heading over to Singapore in January for an intensive 3 day Train-the-Trainer for an Inclusive Leadership program for  BP … this lead to joining the BP Faculty and being part of the team delivering the Inclusive Leadership program across the Asia-Pacific region… And I’m excited to say a trip to London in January 2013 for a global BP Faculty conference… This is another shift that Universities are facing regarding Executive education – Corporations creating their own universities internally.
  3. Emcee’d a 3 day Suicide Prevention and Self-Harming conference in Cairns and ironically learning about Happiness!
  4. Being invited to Townsville to teach a Multi-party conflict program (both internally and externally) for James Cook University’s Master of Conflict Management and Resolution program … You can read a book review I wrote for the textbook “The Handbook for Working with Difficult Groups” here.
  5. Discovered some nice cross-overs and knowledge transfer into my consulting work on business and strategic planning from teaching Global Business Strategy, Managing the Growing Organisation and being a coach for two Industry Consulting Projects at Swinburne University.

On Happiness… I thought it was ironic, that going to a suicide prevention conference as an Emcee I would find myself walking away with a wisdom around Happiness…  What I learnt from one great session with Andrew Matthews which by the way – was one of the most innovative cartooning and speaking sessions I’ve ever seen-  was as he said “Most people say when I’m happy, I’ll be more grateful… But actually, it’s the other way around”… And another gem that came through was:  “We are most happy when we are being challenged”… So for me, the message was loud and clear… If you want to be happy there are two things to focus on: Being grateful, and being challenged…

What’s on your gratitude list for 2012? What’s your next challenge for 2013?

I’m looking forward to a trip up north to Brisbane on the Thursday 13th December… We’ll be spending 3 weeks with family…I hope you enjoy your Christmas …  and I look forward to being in touch again in the new year of 2013…

Like to catch-up for a coffee in January?

I’ll be back in Melbourne on January 3rd… Flick me an email!

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