Our Services

We have worked across many different industries and organisations. Some of our clientele include corporates such as- Australia Post, Bendigo Bank, BP, Fujitsu and Retravision; Government and scientific such as- CSIRO, DHS, DPI, DSE, EPA; and University sector clients such as- University of Queensland, Australia National University and Monash University.

Leadership Development

With high quality facilitation skills enabling all our approaches to helping organisations, we also provide learner centered, engaging and action oriented leadership programs that draw on the latest of both practice and research. Our programs are delivered both publically and internally designed based on your requirements and staff needs.

Supporting the delivery of high quality change programs we often find ourselves helping our clients to develop themselves and their internal capability to "do it themselves" through train-the-trainer, mentoring and coaching.

Workshop Facilitation

Are you looking for workshop facilitation services for achieving key business and relationship outcomes?

Maybe you will soon be having a: Team day, Planning Day, Strategic planning retreat, Portfolio retreat, Stakeholder workshop, Key partner workshop, Business planning session, Leadership retreat, Project team review day, Working group celebration and reflection day...?

We are experienced facilitators with deep knowledge and experience of team and group dynamics that can help you with the design and delivery of a successful workshop. We are also Australia’s leading practitioners of the large group facilitation methodology known as Open Space Technology .

Since 2007 we have been providing group facilitation services across public, private, not-for-profit and tertiary sectors. With extensive experience in workshop and meeting facilitation – including graphic facilitation – ask us how we can help.


With expertise in action research, story and narrative techniques we have assisted clients through the delivery of research projects focusing on addressing complex problems such as culture change, staff morale and community-based change initiatives. Our expertise in Social Network Analysis has seen us provide research projects focusing on enhancing collaboration, building communities of practice and monitoring and evaluating change programs. Finally, our expertise in Delphi Surveys provide a powerful way of engaging expert opinion.