Our online Learning Programs:


  • Opening Up: Creative Storying at Work:  Download a copy here
  • Facilitation Essentials - Inspiring Teams and Engaging Leadership: Download a copy here
  • Enhancing Collaboration - Building High Performing Organisation: Download a copy here

Understanding Facilitation:

  • What is the value of facilitation? Download the results of our survey of managers here
  • What is Open Space Technology? Here's a quick 1 pager.
  • How do you measure the success of a meeting? Download our paper here 
  • Exploring the language of facilitation - Published in the IAF Journal of Group Facilitation: Download a copy here.
  • Talk-in-Interaction in Facilitated Workshops - Sascha Rixon's PhD Summary. Download here
  • Perspectives on the art of facilitation: A Delphi study with NRM Facilitators across Australia - Published in the Australian Journal of Environmental Management: Download a copy here