About Us

Andrew Rixon PhD
Founder and Director - Babel Fish Group

Andrew RixonWith one of the first PhD's in Complex Systems and Complexity Science from the University of Queensland in June 1999 Andrew has gained global experience in working with organisations, within Australia and internationally in the USA, the Netherlands and the UK. The complex systems perspective drawn from his PhD has informed Andrew's experience and allowed him to make contributions in the areas of systems and software development, knowledge management, social research, facilitation and management consulting.

Today, Andrew's focus is on how complexity inspired approaches can change the way we work. As a keynote speaker, workshop leader and professional facilitator and leadership coach, Andrew's style is engaging, light hearted and curious. Andrew juggles in his spare time.

Andrew can be contacted either directly on his mobile: +61 400 352 809 or through email at andrew@babelfishgroup.com

Karin Knoester
Senior Associate - Babel Fish Group

 With broad experience in the public and not for profit sector, Karin has spent the past 20 years in senior executive roles with both World Vision Australia and the Gawler Foundation Inc.  She is a member of the CEO Institute and currently she sits on the Board of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Australia and is an active mentor to men and women who aspire to leadership.

Karin has international experience in the areas of training and coaching having worked in these capacities in Hong Kong, Bangkok and New Zealand.

In her spare time Karin can be found trekking or scuba diving in some of the world’s most pristine environments.


Angela Lewis PhD
Associate - Babel Fish Group

Angela LewisDr Angela Lewis is a skilled workplace and university educator and facilitator. For the past 20 years she has been involved in presenting IT classes and workshops in both the government and corporate sector and works on various project teams as required. This has given her a rich field of experience in IT rollouts, the implementation of new systems and the management of change. Many years of classroom facilitation in both Australia and Asia ensure she has a diverse range of experience and her style of delivery is relaxed and inclusive.

Angela Lewis was awarded a PhD from Deakin University in 2006, is an AITD Accredited Training Practitioner, holds the latest TAA40104 has a Masters degree in Education and is a registered counsellor. She acts as education advisor to both the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors and the Australian Counselling Association.

Bob Dick

 In the distant past Bob Dick has been shop assistant, electrician, draftsperson, recruitment officer, and industrial psychologist. For the past 30 years he has been academic, publisher, consultant, and facilitator. Currently, independent scholarship, consultancy and facilitation take up much of his time.

His consultancy and facilitation is varied, but is primarily directed towards community development and organisation development. He also helps people learn action research, qualitative evaluation, change management, and the communication and facilitation skills which are a foundation for these. In this work he uses highly participative methods to help others to improve their practice while also trying always to improve his own. He lives in the leafy western suburbs of Brisbane with his partner of 31 years, Camilla, in a house frequently overrun by grandchildren.

Simon Kneebone

 Simon KneeboneStudying psychology and working as a youth worker in Port Adelaide led Simon to establish himself as a cartoonist and illustrator. Using graphics, cartoons and humour to capture and communicate ideas has been the essence of his work with a wide range of community and other organizations for over 25 years.

Simon has worked with many facilitators creating cartoon records of events in a variety of facilitation settings. Developing his graphic facilitation skills is one of Simon’s on-going challenges!

Simon can be contacted via email: simknee@bigpond.net.au or on (08) 8370-9152.