COIN for ED Professionals

The Challenge: Emergency Departments (EDs) are unique working environments characterised by time-stress, high patient turnover, management of high-risk patient, a high proportion of interruptions, and a high level of multi-tasking. Couple this with the fact that ED health professionals spend the vast majority of their time communicating with other health professionals both in the ED and within and between hospitals, the need for effective communication and influencing skills among ED health professionals is of vital importance.

About the Program:
COIN for ED Professionals is a unique communication and influencing skills program designed specifically for Emergency Department Health Professionals. Unlike other generic communication and influencing skills programs the COIN for ED Professionals " program takes a customised approach to meeting the specific communication and influencing challenges that health professionals within a hospitals emergency department face.

The COIN for ED Professionals program provides an ED opportunities to:

  • Improve patient outcomes and flow through better communication across the ED
  • Improve inter-departmental communication between ED and other hospital areas
  • Develop skills and competencies required for hospital accreditiation and in accordance with NSQHS with a particular focus on handover and consumer engagement
  • Progress organisational development initiatives in the areas of staff culture and collaboration

The program is unique in its use of an Action Learning approach to ensure continuous improvement, relevance and applicability of learnings to the ED environment along with Train-the-Trainer development for capacity building and sustained culture change within the ED.

Getting Started
The COIN for ED Professionals program contains the following key modules:

  • Readiness Assessment Module
  •   Pilot Training Module
  • Train-the-Trainer Module

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Key Contact:

Andrew Rixon PhD
m: 0400 352 809