Journeying with Story: Approaching change through Story

Description:What is the workshop about?

Quote: “I can’t answer the question of what I’m to do until I know what story I’m part of”

Story based techniques allow you to access and understand the organisational underground. The deeper aspects, like culture, that lie beneath the surface of an organisation.

Stories function at many levels of meaning and emotion.

In this workshop you'll have an opportunity to learn how to use story for diagnosis and transformation within both individual and organisational contexts.

The workshop will have three emphases:

• how to elicit stories
• how to find out what they mean
• how to use them for change and transformation.

There will be a mix of theory and practice. You'll practice techniques for eliciting stories and their interpretation. You'll have the opportunity to learn models and concepts which help to explain why story works.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone who would like to utilise the power of story for diagnosis and transformation of organisations and other social systems. Come if you are a:
• Leader – looking for ways to create shared vision and inspiration in your team
• Manager- wanting to raise performance and morale
• OD or training professional – looking for new ways to work with culture and transformation
• Consultant – looking for powerful, dynamic and responsive approaches to working with organisations
• Facilitator – seeking creative approaches to engaging around people and culture

Want to know more, including how to register?

Simply download the easy-fax-in registration brochure below.

Contact:Andrew Rixon
Phone:0400 352 809

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